Thursday, August 27, 2015

My work as I learn...

My first svg file by Bird
Tried a step card but didn't score it so it was all cut up! 
I tried foiled card stock cut the
same butterfly in 2 sizes

My First Birthday Card
Just something I saw that inspired me to try something similar 
Granddaughter's box  I made for her
My pink tool box case 


  1. I just got the cricut too! your doing really good! Thank you for coming by my site! -Owlloveyoudesigns

  2. Thank you!! I want to learn so much but it's step by step!! :-)

  3. Hi Chris, I have followed you on your mini blog for a long time and read you on yahoo groups. I have gotten away from minis right now, I do attend our mini club once a month when I can. I have a Silhouette Cameo machine that I do greeting cards and projects on which I sometimes show on my blog along with my sewing projects. I am not on facebook but still follow all my fav blogs and look forward to following you here. On Silhouette Studio (you don't have to have a cameo to get designs although they are .99 a piece. There is a freebee once a week. you can find glitter houses which are like the ones they had back in the 50's to make and I bet you could use the patterns on your cricut. or go to the womans site and she will adjust the patterns for you. I made them and love them to place out at Christmas. LJ