Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gaduation things I made and some on Cricut

We celebrated 2 graduates Anna and Sam!
 my granddaughter Anna and step grandson Sam both such a blessings!

The gift boxes I made for them from a Youtube video 
  on the inside was a greeting and a diploma
rolled up and tied with a ribbon and the $$$ inside the diploma!
Anna's name but forgot to take a pic of Sam's.. too much going on!

 Some more things I made for the graduation  party.
 The big labels went on clear glass jars

The card gift box was a Mortar board and tassels I made
with crochet string and dyed the one yellow with food coloring
and I cut their names
 on my Cricut

labels I made for the food items but didn't get a pic
when they were all set out... to look like chalk boards 
I cut out the letters and added white backing to see thru the letters!
I love my Cricut!!


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