Tuesday, August 27, 2019

50th Anniversary card I made for my Hubby! and more to come!

Our 50th Anniversary was June 17th 2019! 💕
I wanted to make so many different cards so here's the first 
an Explosion Box card!❤️
i amd the sign on my Crict bought the sign at walmart already had the boarders one it added the bling to it

close up of the die cut butterflies 
and Bling bought at Dollar Tree

here's the Explosion Box Card
Cricut cut box top

Top of the box embellishments are
Die cuts

 The bottom of the box cut by hand  using a with
 a scoreboard and scissors 
A Tiny resin wedding cake painted with gold 
highlights by  my dear friend
Cheryl Lee!
See the gold mirror card stock  hearts? 

The inside finished 

 Close up of the cake
I cut the 50th on Cricut in Gold mirror card stock

Hope you enjoyed this one..next post another card 

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