Monday, May 4, 2020

another mask card for the Front line workers

Made this for the Frontline workers
 in our local the ER 
where my son works.  

so here's the link on Youtube 
Click here >  mask tut on Youtube 

I visited the ER for a chest  Xray and CT scan 

inside : 
I wrote a note at the bottom and pasted in a 
stethoscope on the left side 
 but forgot to take a pic of it ! :) 

I made them cookies as a thank you!!  

For a special front line worker

Found a cute face mask svg on Youtube 
click here>  Free svg mask 

I cut the stethoscope on Cricut 
the rest is die cuts 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Not Cricut but a framed Stamping Project!!

This stamp set is by Stamp'n Up
called "Sheltering Tree."
I was inspired by someones post I saw
and I knew I just had to make one for myself.
I have always loved the scripture 
about God's timing. 
He has all control over time 
though He does not live in time
for God is eternal!!

"To everything there is a season. 
 A time for every purpose under heaven."
Ecc. 3:1
(click the pic to see upclose)
I have to replace the plexiglass 
it was old and scratched up.
I found an old frame that I had stashed away
 for years and knew one day I would use it.
It was brown faux wood.  Here the framed was already painted.
I  am showing you the picture that came 
in the frame.

I loved it but didn't go with my décor.
so I painted it black and I found just the RIGHT 
perfect matting for it at the Dollar Tree!
God is good! ❤

click  to see up close:
First spring and summer
Fall and winter! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

13 th birthday for my youngest grandchild!

I made this with Crafter's Companion Large number dies.
The yellow is a very deep yellow but doesn't show very well.

A Luminary made from Spellbonder dies

The Lantern / Luminary came from a tutorial by
Joann Krog   > Lantern tutorial <  click here
This luminary will be lit tonight in honor of all the
Healthcare workers and all the medical staff 
who are on the frontlines caring  and working strenuously 
many tiring hours to care for the sick during this Pandemic
of COVID-19

See the link for the Spellbinder Dies that were used to make this
I bought mine on Amazon 3 yrs ago
I finally make it LOL 

Here's mine.
It has vellum inside

The Top 
I added my own sticker flowers.

Side view

Soft warm tea light inside!   

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Not a cricut project but inspirational

I found this wonderful frame at Dollar general
and it was begging for me to get it and add something to it.

so I did and added some flowers and a bow and a tiny butterfly
I would love to recreate this on my Cricut

Monday, December 23, 2019

Wooden snow people

I used old wood from my garden space. after  sanding them a little I used ModPodge coating 
then used white chalk paint, then applied  the vinyl faces. used Dollar tree socks and scarves.
Love how they turned out!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Not Cricut but a 3D Paper tea cups on canvas !

This was the place I followed the tutorial 
start it from the beginning
<click on the pic to see it larger >

My cups are made     now...

deciding what to use

Different views  

NOT CRICUT Bird tea cup

Just something I made that I loved doing 
an old tea cup with birdies in it!! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Celebrating out 50th Anniversary !

50 years ago? Wow, time flies.
Our kids celebrated us by giving us a wonderful  dinner 
celebration at Russel's Steaks, Chops & More in Buffalo, NY
(our home town.)
We were so blessed and had such a great time 
with Family
 and a few friends!

The Program for the Evening 

The big wonderful room all decorated for us! 

Wow, a beautiful Cake by our talented 
Granddaughter Stephi! 

Fancy Dessert just for us!  

Our beautiful place setting! 

Flowers at the Tables 

Our Big Blessed Family!  

My dear one and only Brother  Eddie and
 2 sisters Jan and Marilyn 
Missing 2 more  in heaven
 wish my mom could be here too 💜

My dear bestest friend I have known since 
we were 12 yrs old Claudia!❤️

Our dear friend,
 missionary mentor Rev Dr. Cherianne Wold

The Tables looked sooo pretty!  
Our daughter Kim and husband Tony 

Walter's Cousin Christine and her hubby Tony 

Cutting the beautiful cake !   

Our Grandkids Stephi and Aaron

Our dear daughter in law Christine,
 son Sam and her mom Liz.  

Things place on display at the table  
Our Wedding picture Cake 
made y my talented granddaughter Stephi 

Our daughter Kim, hubby, 
grandson Aaron, sisters and my friend Claudia 

My daughter had our picture in the news paper 
and framed it  

I made the luminary box cut and print on my Cricut
 it lit up and rotated to see different sayings.
One of my cards that I made are there along 
with my BBF 
  Claudia's card in the front.
The picture is our 25th Anniversary

Hope you enjoyed our celebration!! Please see the other posts on the 50th cards I made for my hubby 💕